Staking [old/outdated]

Staking using the Blockscout explorer.

Stake Venidium on EVM Mainnet

Please keep in mind, once your coins are staked and the next epoch starts, your coins will be locked, and in order to withdraw, you would need to "Order Withdraw" in the current epoch and then to "Withdraw" your staked coins in the next epoch. (This could be up to 7 days of waiting time, depending on when you ordered your withdraw in the last epoch.)
Summary: 1. Freshly staked coins can be withdrawn any time in the current epoch (excluding the end of epoch timeframe). 2. Coins that were staked in last epoch, need to be "ordered" for withdrawal first and can be withdrawn in the epoch after.
  1. 1.
    Switch your MetaMask Network to Venidium Mainnet.
If you don’t know how to do that, please read this tutorial first: https://medium.com/@venidium/how-to-add-venidium-xvm-to-metamask-ab030b8e8a59​
3. Press the “Staking” drop down menu and click on “Stake”.
4. In the pop up: Enter the amount that you want to stake. We set the minimum amount for staking to 100 XVM, so please add any amount above 100 Venidium.
5. Choose which Validator you want to delegate your stake to. (Choose a validator you trust or know, or pick one you like).
6. Pressing “+ Stake” will open MetaMask which will ask you to confirm the transaction for staking. If you receive an error in MetaMask stating that the gas fees cannot be estimated, press ‘’I want to proceed anyway’’ and confirm the transaction.
7. Your stake will need to wait for the epoch to end, on Venidium Mainnet the Epoch time is set to 7 days. After that period your XVM will start staking. We are working on a more in depth UI to show the amount staked and revenues, which will be delivered in an update in the future.
8. To verify that your stake has worked, open your MetaMask, select the last transaction, and press “View on Block explorer”.
9. If your transaction has been confirmed on the explorer, it should say “confirmed”.

Unstake Venidium on EVM Mainnet

  1. 2.
    Press “Order Withdraw” in the “Staking” Menu.
  2. 3.
    Enter the amount you want to unstake (from your total stake) and choose the pool / node from which you want to unstake your staked coins from.
4. Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask (If it doesn’t let you confirm press “I want to proceed anyway”).
5. You will now have to wait until the Epoch ends (can take up to 7 days) in order to be able to withdraw your coins.
6. To withdraw your coins press the “Withdraw” Button under the “Staking” Menu and confirm the MetaMask transaction.